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By Joe Robson & Ken Evoy














Joe Robson's Headline Writing Master Course 
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I'll get straight to the point.

This site is about Marketing and Advertising, but most importantly it's about Copywriting.  Direct Response Copywriting, Web Copywriting, Direct Mail Copywriting, Advertising Copywriting, Brochure Copywriting, Email Copywriting, and the rest

But the handle doesn't matter. because this site is about Powerful Copywriting. Persuasive Copywriting. Effective Copywriting. Hypnotic Copywriting. It's about ...

Copywriting that Sells!

So the next few pages could hold the vital key to a very substantial increase in your sales. That's if you're prepared to keep an open mind and be completely honest with yourself. Honest enough to accept that perhaps the content and style of your advertising material isn't as good as it should be. Or even humble enough to admit that your Copywriting skills are totally ineffective! Rather blunt? Yep. 

"So Decide NOW Which You'd Prefer- Web Design
Awards? A Cool Web Site? Or Dramatically Improved
Sales Figures Using Powerful Copywriting?"

Because if your advertising or Copywriting efforts are not pulling the response they should, what's the point in burying your head in the sand? 

What will it achieve by 'hoping' things will improve? That won't solve your problem. And 'wishing' you could find a magic traffic formula won't make you any money. In fact nothing will. Unless you take positive action.

To add some credibility to these comments let me explain who I am, and go on to demonstrate how you can dramatically improve your situation. And it needn't cost you a penny.

I’m Joe Robson - the UK Internet and off-line Professional Copywriter and Marketing Consultant. And one of the reasons why I've been described as one of the Internet's top Web Copywriters is because, as the owner of Roglan International, I sell my own publications through my own 19,000 strong Affiliate force from a number of my own Websites.

You can see what I'm up to at http://joerobson.com

So - unlike many Copywriting 'experts' who haunt the Web - I work in the trenches and put my Copywriting and marketing skills to the test every single day. I'm prepared to put my own money where my mouth is. And I've got the scars   - and the rewards - to prove it!

Enough already. Let's talk about you.

"Think you've done it all?"

You've got a great product. And after months of experimenting you're listed No.1 on the search engines (for today anyway). You've beavered away and built up 300,000 incoming links, and trodden down the banner exchange route. All the bells and whistles have been kicked off your site so your home page loads in 1 second flat. And ... let me guess ...

Still your sales counter refuses to spin. Months of work and gigabytes of miracle software to give you what? A sales-free zone?

Look, it's the words that sell - not the software. Not the cool graphics. And not your expensive Flash presentation.  Even 5 million visitors a week won't generate sales unless those visitors are persuaded to buy. And only words - powerful, persuasive, and professionally crafted words - will do it!

"Why do some still try to buck the system?"

It's exactly the same in off-line sales. Remember the 'old traditional' methods of advertising goods and services? Those we were familiar with before we started believing that the web was the be-and-end-all of marketing. You remember? Well those proven techniques have, and still are, moving billions of boxes of hardware around the globe. And they are methods which have been practiced and finely tuned for over a century.

Top quality mailing lists and high circulation newspapers and magazines will certainly expose your product to the maximum number of prospects. But without the right words to turn those prospects into buyers, you're dead in the water. Splat!

Believe me, many an apparently sensible and level-headed entrepreneur has lost a packet, because he stubbornly believed that the secret to writing a great ad was a good command of the English language! So he blamed the newspaper, the inferior quality of the email list, or the economic situation for the poor response. Then wrote his ad all over again and lost his shirt!

"It's not just WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it that sells!"

It's a common misconception that a 'good talker' will make a good salesperson. And many people wrongly believe that to be a good salesperson you need some kind of special gift. In the UK it's known as the 'gift of the gab'. Well I've known many a 'good talker' who turned out to be a hopeless salesman. Ever met a sales guy who talked you to death? Or blinded you with detailed technical jargon? Did you buy from him?

I was extremely lucky to meet a man who changed my life for ever. He taught me many things for which I shall be forever grateful. Like persistence, goal setting, self belief and total honesty. But the one most important lesson I learned from him, was that to be successful in selling you have to apply the '3 Rs'; The Right words. In the Right order. To the Right person. And do it with a smile!

Well it's over 30 years since he taught me those 'right words', and I've never looked back. Then someone else showed me how to do exactly the same thing with the written word. So I became a Copywriter. And in all modesty (embarrassed cough), some say a really good one.

"So how will you benefit from this Website?"

It's a simple enough concept really. You will learn how to use the perfect combination of powerful, persuasive, and motivating words to shift your goods and services. It's called Copywriting. And through a series of practical 'nuts and bolts' tutorials I will strip away the mystique of writing powerful sales copy. You don't need a good command of the English language. You don't have to have the 'gift of the gab'. And being an accomplished creative writer can sometimes be a serious handicap!

You'll learn how to construct the fundamental building blocks that will have you writing powerful sales-generating content for your print and web advertising in no time. But you have to be prepared to put in the effort. Because despite what Walt Disney said, there ain't no magic wand.

So if you're really serious about learning how to write effective response-driven sales copy that will substantially increase your profits, I recommend you do the following;

  • Read, re-read, and practice the following tutorials. Book mark this page and return frequently to read them again and put them into practice. I said bookmark this page and ret .... thank you!

  • Subscribe to my FREE Newsletter, 'The Copywriters Digest' which will bring you bundles of Copywriting tips and 'tricks of the trade'. With links to other high quality sites it will continually add to your content writing expertise. This exciting newsletter will also bring you information-packed articles by some of the top earning copywriters and entrepreneurs in the business. All specifically written to help you write dynamic sales-driven copy that will outshine, outpull and outsell the mediocre dross you presently see around you. Go on...subscribe now. It's completely FREE and you will receive Two terrific, valuable and usable FREE BONUSES

  • Read as much as you can about Copywriting, Marketing, Advertising, and Selling. And remember this. Despite what some may say about writing for the Web, most of the winning Copywriting techniques being successfully applied in the print media and direct response, are just as effective on the Web. There are some important differences in presentation. But the sales psychology is the same.

  • Navigate the tutorials page by page in the order I have written them. Skipping the odd page here and there will break the logical 'learning' curve I've attempted to introduce.

  • Keep up to date with the latest Copywriting and Marketing products at http://joerobson.com

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